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If you are not using PPC as a part of your overall online marketing strategy below are three reasons why you need to reconsider that thinking: Getting your organisation listed in a UK business directory can help to boost your profile.

You start showing up quickly.

You show up where your prospects are looking.

You show up for terms (non geo-modified keywords) related to your services.

First, PPC gets things happening quickly, unlike an SEO program, setting up your website, building links and having the right on-page optimization. That process takes a little bit of time to materialize. What you do today and tomorrow, will start to pay dividends in three to four months.

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you set up the campaign and you will start to see your ads serve in just a few days. It can drive good traffic, especially during the times when you need to make sure you're visible. You want to show up as often as you possibly can so when someone's looking for your services. Having a pay per click ad that shows up somewhere in the top, in the maps section and in the organic section is important.

Now you've got the opportunity to show up in multiple places and significantly improve the chances of getting your ad clicked on, as opposed to your competition. A pay per click campaign gives you that additional placeholder on the search engines on page one. It also gives you the opportunity to show up for words that you're not going to show up for in your organic SEO efforts. This is what I like to call non geo-modified keywords.

SEO and our whole organic strategy give us the ability to show up in search engines when someone types in your city + service, for i.e. your city kitchen remodeler, your city bathroom remodeler, your city interior designer, etc. All of those include some kind of geo modifier (your city). They are going to put their city or their sub-city in that search for you to rank. With a PPC campaign, you can show up for the non-geo-modified terms (Example: remodeling, interior decorating, home remodeler, decorating ideas, etc.), and put in the settings that you only want to show up for people within a 25-mile radius of your office.

If you're in Dallas and somebody searches within that area for “interior decorating” or “interior painting,” you can set it so that it only shows your ad for the people that are searching within that area. Google can manage that through IP addresses by isolating where the search took place. Google can also isolate who ran that search, where they ran that search from, and then place the ads based on the advertisers that are set up for that area.

You only pay on a per click basis, but you are able to show up for those keywords in those major markets. Another reason that you want to consider running a pay per click campaign is because you can run mobile PPC campaigns.